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In No Time to Die, Daniel Craig as James Bond sits in a bulletproof glass car.

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In Many long months Leading to its release, No time to die For is considered the final farewell Daniel Craig’s term As James Bond. Since he first took on the role of 2007 Casino Royale, With Craig’s time The character was an interesting one, and it was interesting to see how it would actually end after the seemingly end Specter.

With a spoiler filled interview Diversity, Craig, director Carrie Joey Fukunaga, and producers Barbara Brockley and Michael G. Wilson talk about how the finale and Craig’s submission were finally made.

Image courtesy of Daniel Craig and No Time to Die's Crew on Creating That Emotional Ending

At the end of the film, James Bond is definitely dead. Injected with a biological weapon that specifically kills one of his relatives, including his girlfriend Madeleine Swann and his young daughter Mathilde, Bond orders an air strike on the island where he is trapped, confirming that the virus can never be replicated. Heroically, Craig Bond’s fate is the first in the character’s 59-year cinema history.

The ending, in part, came because that’s how it is He Wanted to go his time as a character. After its Berlin premiere Casino, He talks to producer Broccoli about his future with the series. Knowing he had four films on his contract, he knew how to get out. “I went,” he said. Can I kill him in the end? “Craig recalls.” That was the only way I could finish everything for myself and make it look like my term, someone else could come and take responsibility. ”

Fortunately, Brockley accepted Craig’s offer, and even Craig himself did not resubmit it until this particular film was made. For Wilson, who has been the producer of every Bond film since 1972 Mooncar, This is exactly the style of governing the country that he has used in Russia. In the Bond novel From Russia with love And You only live twice, Creator Ian Fleming almost killed the spy, giving the move some precedent. For the movies, Wilson and the team realized it was finally coming. “Finally, he said, ‘adversity is involved with you.'” Bond was so fortunate and accustomed to surviving by the skin of his teeth that everyone thought it was “emotionally important” to the audience that the character’s trademark fortunes could only go so far.

Bond’s death had already been decided while managing Fukunaga, but the procedure was left to him. Fukunaga recalled how there were multiple repetitions, in which Bond was simply shot by an anonymous bullet. Thematically, Fukunaga thought it was appropriate, but both he and Craig knew it had to be a situation he couldn’t get out of, the actor insisted, “We have to have weight … if we don’t get that weight.” I don’t think we can do that. We have to find another way to end it. “

No time to die Now available for rent or for yourself.

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