Not everyone is getting great service with Starlink

This long-exposure image shows a group of SpaceX's Starlink satellites across Uruguay.

This long-exposure image shows a group of SpaceX’s Starlink satellites across Uruguay.
Pictures: Mariana Suarez / AFP (Getty Images)

Today’s new Starlink data shows where U.S. Elon Musk’s ambitious satellite Internet service has exceeded expectations – and where it’s declining.

According to Oakler, The company behind a Speedest application and website that lets anyone test the speed of their broadband and mobile connections, the speed of Starlink varies greatly depending on where you live.

Starlink is currently Available throughout the United States and Canada, And imagined more than information 500,000 preorder. (I put a preorder a few months ago, but haven’t received the equipment yet)) However, users living in specific locations between the two countries will have better connections than others. Okla says Median Sterlink download speeds in the U.S. start at 40.36 Mbps in Ore Columbia County. Shasta County, California at 93.09 Mbps In the first quarter of the year.

These may seem right Speed, but in some places They were a huge improvement Fixed broadband provider (545.6% faster in Tehama County, California)For example), others see a reduction in frustration (.9 67.9% Slow Clay County, mOh.).

A. Map Okla provides Starlink speeds faster than fixed broadband speeds in the United States, with users living in the northern part of California, Washington, Nevada, Idaho, within a small pocket north of the Oregon and Washington border and Vermont. Download speed. However a Spreading pockets in the same state and other states Wisconsin and Michigan have seen slower download speeds than fixed broadband in the region.

When you overlay Ocular Maps on a regular map of America, areas of poor performance seem to be almost clustered, rather than fixed broadband. Major cities and large metropolitan areas. Users in or around Los Angeles are not surprised, In this case, Must see slow Speed ​​compared to other ISPs in those regions. A bad satellite connection may occur There are many different reasons, but perhaps the biggest reason is the barrier. Buildings, trees, bad weather – the list goes on. Ideal Use In the case of Starlink And other satellite internet providers A fast internet connection is provided Countryside with wide open space for miles. It does not always exist in urban and suburban areas.

A Places like Tehama County, California., Where the largest city is the Red Bluff (With only 14,000 people), Is An ideal place for Starlink.

CConsumers in both the United States and Canada have experienced higher latency in astronomy than stationary broadband subscribers in the same region, which is 4486% higher in the United States and up to 399% in Canada. Latency in the United States is below Kittas County, 31. Oscego County, up to 88 miles on the mission. The latency between all the other fixed broadband ISPs connected was between 8ms and 47ms.

Starlink is still in beta early in the day, but it seems like an effective solution to many rural residents who currently lack reliable access to the Internet. As SpaceX launches more satellites into orbit and increases Sterlink’s network capacity, it should be able to provide the same speed to more people living in rural areas..

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