Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

You no longer have to be one of the few privileged Record Twitter space. There is Twitter Announcement All Android and iOS users can record space while hosting As before, you just have to toggle “Record Space” before you start. From there, 30 days after the initial stream, your audio will be available for public listening and sharing

The host can delete the recording at any time. Twitter will keep the audio files up to 120 days to verify the terms of the service breach report.

This expansion will help producers who want to host shows and meetings in space on a regular basis – now it’s easier to offer to listen to at least temporary shows without having to record clips separately. It also helps Twitter stop competing from the clubhouse, which adds recordings By November. While you may not switch to Twitter for this, if you are not already on the platform, it may reduce the incentive to sign up for Clubhouse.

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