Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

NPR’s podcast effort It has increasingly revolved around its pay-free, ad-free NPR + service and is now providing even stronger incentives to spend money. Axios Report The company will only offer content available to NPR + customers. New show Limitations with J. Williams, For example, will offer a separate content release in its feed. NPR VP Joel Sucharman added that NPR can examine features such as unedited interviews and member-only events.

You will also have additional inspiration to support local stations. NPR will launch a subscription podcast bundle in the second half of 2022 that gives station members extensive access to an on-demand podcast library and other content. It’s like a PBS passport, Sucherman said. The company is adding more shows to NPR +.

Public broadcasters are not releasing free, ad-supported podcasts anytime soon. However, the transfer is not surprising. Podcasts help bring in younger, more diverse listeners than conventional radio, Axios Says such a subscription drive can retain listeners and funding even if fewer people tune in to live programming.

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