Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

Nuro already has a third Driverless delivery car By the way, and this model is transporting goods as much as it is focusing on the safety of others. Fresh Introduced The version, simply called the Nuro, has 360-degree sensors including a camera, LiDAR, radar and thermal, but also a huge external airbag to protect pedestrians. We still don’t take the risk of stepping in front of this machine (you’ll still hit the ground, above all), but it will reduce the chances of serious injury.

The new car carries double the cargo, and offers both temperature-controlled bogies and modular inserts to help shuttle a wide variety of products. Nuro did not say when the latest self-propelled vehicle would be ready, but said the North American branch of China’s BYD would help build the unit at a Nuro plant as it goes online after 2022. Kroger (An investor in Nuro) is already committed to using this latest hardware.


Upgrades may be required. Nuro already has deals and tests with big brands 7 eleven, CVS, FedEx And Kroger, however, faces stiff competition From Walmart, Uber And automakers Like Ford. The firm risks losing business if customers either need large payloads or are concerned about liability in the event of a collision.

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