Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

The New York Attorney General has expanded her investigation into Donald Trump’s business empire and issued subpoenas to the former president’s two eldest children in addition to the former real estate developer himself.

Letitia James issued the subpoenas to Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. last month, according to court documents filed in New York High Court on Monday.

The documents said the subpoenas were issued “in connection with an investigation into the valuation of properties owned or controlled by Donald J Trump or the Trump organization”. James’ investigation apparently focuses on whether Donald Trump inflated the value of his properties for some purposes – say, to secure a bank loan or insurance – while keeping it to a minimum when it comes to paying taxes.

The submissions, dated Dec. 30, indicated that attorneys for the former president and his adult children were trying to stop James’s staff from interviewing them as part of the investigation.

The revelation comes after James in September seen that more charges would likely stem from her office’s three-year investigation into Donald Trump’s business dealings.

“I can assure you that that investigation remains alive and well. So stay tuned, ”she said at the time.

The subpoena requests were made at a delicate time for the investigation, and come at the same time as the departure of Cyrus Vance, the Manhattan district attorney who had a revelation with James in July. 15 criminal charges against the Trump organization and its longtime chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg.

Vance, who was not eligible for re-election in November, was replaced by Alvin Bragg, a veteran prosecutor who was sworn into office on New Year’s Day.

Legal experts said the case against Weisselberg was part of an attempt to pressure him to testify against Trump in both the Manhattan and state New York investigations. Weisselberg denied guilt. Donald Trump dismissed the case as “a political witch hunt” created by his Democratic opponents.

The Trump organization, a spokesman for the former president and a lawyer representing his children did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Additional Reporting by James Politi

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