Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

New York City limits food delivery application fees to help restaurants Survive the Kovid-1 pandemic epidemic, And it holds those limits as soon as the recovery begins. Gothamist Report The city council has passed a bill Stretched 1 delivery Fee cap of delivery app till February, 2022. This limit was supposed to end in August and the fee for delivery was not kept above 15 per cent, 5 per cent for other services. Apps could charge up to 35 percent without a fee limit.

Francisco Moya, a member of Queens Council, has claimed that the return of high fees would “completely” hamper businesses that are beginning to recover from the epidemic.

Other bills passed at the same time require written approval of the app and sharing of customer data with the restaurant before listing the business. Delivery service has been criticized, Lawsuit And Law After listing restaurants in their apps without permission.

App creators have opposed the new move in New York City. Grabhub has claimed that the caps are “arbitrary price controls” that will harm business and the economy. Dordash, meanwhile, suggests that data sharing with restaurants should be opt-in instead of being enabled by default. A spokesman said the company was committed to “protecting the privacy” of users.

Companies are not entirely opposed to fee reductions. By dash, Grabhab, Uber eats And others start cutting and waiving some fees as soon as the epidemic starts. Their concern, as you can guess, is that these caps may be permanent and may limit the long-term effectiveness of applications. This is not a baseless fear – the San Francisco Board of Supervisors Recently voted To permanently stop the delivery app fees in the city.

At the same time, there is little doubt that restaurants are interested in avoiding refunds of pre-epidemic fees. Some restaurants were unintentionally listing to these apps simply because of the large fees, and in many cases Recommended Incentives for customers who order directly. While the NYC extension certainly won’t ensure the survival of a particular restaurant, it can help that restaurant maintain known profits or keep prices under control.

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