Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

You can use one soon Oculus Quest 2 Headset for VR workout Except it’s pretty … dirty. Oculus has previewed an active pack for Quest 2 that will make it easy to use the headset as part of your fitness routine. New grips for the touch controller need to keep your sweaty hands from flying, while an exercise-ready “facial interface” will be easier to remove after an intense session.

The Active Pack will not be available until 2022. Quest 2 fitness apps will get some meaningful updates before then. FitXR Will get a new fitness studio before the end of 2021, when Player 22 by Rezzil At the same time the frame will offer hand-tracked bodyweight exercises.

The Oculus fitness shift is not entirely surprising. The epidemic led many people to shift their workouts to VR and those people will not return to the gym. If Oculus can pitch Quest 2 as a fitness tool, it could boost adoption among people who haven’t considered a VR headset before.

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