Fri. Sep 17th, 2021

Expect to see more Mixed reality Apps of the future, at least Oculus Quest 2. Winfuture Comments That’s Oculus Revealed A toolkit, the Passstru API experimental, will make it relatively easy to integrate VRR “non-stop” with real viewers from Quest 2’s cameras.

You can project images on flat surfaces, create composite layers floating in space, and even apply visual styles (similar to social media filters) to real scenes. For example, you can give yourself a virtual monitor with your real-world keyboard, or turn your home into a psychedelic dream scene by clicking the virtual switch.

Oculus claims privacy should not be an issue. The API only processes raw camera footage on on-device and apps can’t access, store or view images of the world around you. No rogue application should transmit video to your home, to keep it in any other way.

Oculus expects to provide the framework Unity’s engine Developers with the release of its next software development kit. Finished applications will take some time to come to the surface, but don’t be surprised if Oculus’ new tools make mixed reality games and productivity tools relatively common.

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