Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

It turns out that Nintendo has a lot more recently released Than a new display panel from Samsung. Conducts console teardown, DIY heroes That’s all I did It has been observed that the company has made a variety of internal changes that make for a device that is significantly different from its predecessor.

Like Sony’s latest , The OLED switch has a smaller cooling assembly than the previous model. Ifixit suspects Nintendo of saving this transfer or dialing “cooling extra compensation” for the launch model. All we can say is that we hope that the change will not lead to a new model “More than its predecessor. In another space-saving measure, Nintendo has integrated some components into a single board. The console’s SD card reader, headphone jack and cartridge reader are now all available on a PCB.

That’s all I did

Significantly, the only regulatory-related change in OLED variant features is a set of new console-side rails that hold their respective win-cons more securely. Another change is that the interconnection wires of the console are tapped on top of a metal ield. While this is something that will make your own OLED switch more difficult, Ifixit suspects it could help with WiFi and Bluetooth connection issues.

In terms of repairability, Ifixit gave the OLED model a score of seven out of 10, lower than the company’s original model award. The OLED switch has a non-modular storage module that is sold on its motherboard, which makes it easy to repair and upgrade to the front which you can’t.

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