Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

Getting a new name. The parent company has chosen Om Digital As the brand new Monica.

There are still some Olympus cameras on the market and they will not be rebranded, hence the two names For a while. But eventually the old name will fade as the OM system introduces new models and phases out the current ones.

In addition to cameras and lenses, OM Systems plans to sell audio products, binoculars and other services. It is currently a development Interchangeable lens camera. OM Digital plans to build a more compact and lightweight system using that standard while “accelerating the improvement of image quality and photographic expression through the use of computational photographic technology,” according to a press release.

Olympus is final Sales of its imaging department To Japan Industrial Partners (JIP) at the beginning of the year. Quick JIP Olympus (now OM Systems) OM Digital Solutions as a separate company for camera oversight.

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