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The character of the final cut in the zombie movie, one holding a camera and one with a bloody face, hugs and scares each other.

The French remake of One Cut of the Dead, Final Cut, has been dropped from Sundance.
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Yes, you read that right. This year, The Sundance Film Festival was set for premiere A remake of it Incredible Japanese horror comedy One cut of the dead Produced by Oscar-winning director Michele Hazanavicius Artist. Called film Final cut-But now, Being completely virtual instead of festive, The company behind the remake pulled it out of the event.

“We fully support the decision to remove Sundance Celebrate in a virtual format, Since the safety of listeners and filmmakers is paramount, “said a statement obtained by Screen Daily “However, we believe it is best to premiere The final cut With a live audience in an auditorium and this year’s festival decided to move the film hard. We wish Sundance and all the filmmakers a great festival and look forward to sharing. The final cutWith viewers soon.

If you have seen One cut of the dead You probably get it. The film was a huge, far-reaching sound in Japan before it took the US Festival Circuit by storm a few years ago. It starts out as a scalloped zombie movie that pivots to become something much bigger in the middle, and the experience of being exposed to it with the audience is truly unforgettable.

“We were looking forward to the screening The final cut And because of the change in our format, they are no longer participating in the festival, “Sundance said in a statement. “We respect the desire of filmmakers to share their work separately. We are committed to supporting the filmmakers as we, the independent artists, navigate the changed landscape to ensure the visibility they deserve, and when we are deeply disappointed that the collection is not as intended, the safety of our entire community must come first. “

The final cut One of the larger profile films destined for Sundance was, of course, but not the only one. Films starring Colin Farrell, Karen Gillian, Numi Repes and Sebastian Stan are still in the works. And Tickets will go on sale January 13 at this link. Or, and we can’t recommend it enough, you should stream One cut of the dead As soon as possible. It is also available in Shader and other digital services. We’ll let you know when The final cut Going to a screen near you.

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