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Very real RentAHitman.com website.

Very real RentAHitman.com website.
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Very real RentAHitman.com website The audience is asked a simple question: “Is there a problem that needs to be solved?” While most people may recognize the website as a joke, there are still significant ones who take it seriously and submit murder requests. Wendy Wayne, 52, of Michigan, was one of them.

Wayne recently discovered that RentAHitman.com can be a joke, not use it to try to kill someone else your ex-husband and carry real-world consequences. Earlier this month, he pleaded guilty to soliciting murder and using a computer to commit a crime. The former offense carries a maximum life sentence, with the latter limited to 20 years.

Under his application agreement, Wine There will be a minimum of nine years in prison. Judge Daniel White of the 38th Circuit Court of Monroe in Michigan said he would be sentenced in January. Monroe News.

At first, Winn’s story sounds like a comedy skit that you can watch Live Saturday night. Laughter is replaced by disbelief, crawling and a bit of fear when you realize that he really wanted to hurt someone else.

He started by filling out a “Service Request Form” – which asks users for basic information about themselves, such as names, phone numbers and emails, as well as information about who they want to take.In 2020 a fake name on RentAHitman.com. RentAHitman.com is A simple website with a simple design. It is We are proud to have 17,985 field operators across the United States to help customers (which is actually a fair amount to mention) Number of law enforcement agencies In the country) and claims that it is consistent with the “Hitman Information Privacy and Protection Act of 1964” (yes, it is fake).

RentAHitman.com also Satisfied customers include “testimonials” (which are obviously fake). If you scroll down enough, you will see this phrase in the website Footer: “Due to contractual restrictions, Rent-a-Hitman is no longer associated with the Diners Club, Caney West, the Illuminati, Rudolf Giuliani, Alec Baldwin or Kyle Reitenhaus.”

Despite all this, there are some people who still think that RentAHitman.com is a legitimate website that provides a real service.

“I don’t understand it,” said Bob Ines, owner of the comedy site The Washington Post In a recent interview. “People are just stupid.”

In Wayne’s case, he agreed to meet with one of the website’s “field operatives.” Who was actually a secret police detective, to talk about the job he wanted to do. Police were contacted by Ines, who determined that Wayne was a real threat to others.

As told by Post, Wayne told police detectives that her ex-husband was a pedophile and described in detail her home address, when she went to work and when she returned home. She proceeded to pay a “down payment” of $ 200 for the murder of a police detective and agreed to pay her $ 5,000 when her husband was taken care of. Wayne was arrested shortly after the encounter.

“He was hell … I am trying to get revenge on her ex-husband, “said Ines Post, “And she never did her homework.”

Innes did not go out to make a sweet pot to catch people who wanted to hire others to kill. Originally, he set up RentAHitman.com in 2005 to start a cybersecurity company with some friends after taking over a network. Penetration test And risk analysis courses, Rolling Stone reported Last year. That panned out, And his efforts to sell the domain name never received any serious offers, so RentAHitman.com remained only online.

Years have passed, and Ines has decided to clear the site’s email and see if he is interested in buying a domain. Instead, he found about 300 emails from people around the world searching for various services, ranging from using RentAHitman.com to soliciting money from others to asking how much money was taken to run a hit in Austria.

Ines began working with law enforcement when he received an email from a United Kingdom woman living in Canada who wanted to kill three members of his family because he claimed they had left him without an inheritance. The woman gave many details about the family members she wanted to kill, which frightened Ines. He confirms all the information he provided and then informs the Canadian police, who see that the woman has an outstanding warrant for serious charges and has returned her to the UK.

He has received other serious requests that have led to his arrest over the years. A woman in Kansas wanted to kill people Allegedly his insult In his small town and told him to use “guns, bombs or anything else or any way to remove them”. The Kansas woman was convicted of incitement to murder and was sentenced to three years of probation, Ines said.

Another case involved a 20-year-old man from Virginia who tried to kill his ex-girlfriend, his mother and his stepfather. She tells Ines to abduct her baby and bring it back To him so that he can start a family with another woman. Virginia people Guilty in favor For inciting murder and he was sentenced to 20 years in prison, although he suspended his 10-year sentence. According to Rolling Stone, overall, RentAHitman.com has led to the arrest of at least a dozen cases involving users.

Ines does not personally meet his “potential customers” or agree to any set “fees” for website services. Instead, he sends information that he identifies as annoying to the police, who are responsible for communicating with the person. RentAHitman.com is still working, more than 10 years after it first helped police catch a criminal. Despite the fact that Ines does not hide the true nature of the website and has interviewed various news outlets about it.

“It’s a crazy world,” Ines told the Post. “The Internet is clearly a dangerous place. And this website is a magnet for low hanging fruit that tries to hurt other people. “

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