OnePlus Watch Review: Wrong and Buggy

Until the end, the animations throughout the clock are quite disappointing. Swipe a notification and it doesn’t move, but instantly becomes a void. The user interface does not look polished and it interacts with the watch with some dissatisfaction.

Inconsistent… all

I gave it a nice gift when I first noticed problems with the clock tracking capability when I walked a short distance from Williamsburg, Brooklyn to Manhattan’s Times Square on Saturday morning. It’s a long walk! Okay, not according to the OnePlus Watch.

For most of the trip, it was counting my steps accurately. Halfway through, the clock … reset. What was more than 15,000 steps on the clock was converted to about 7,000. I checked the Companion OnePlus Health app on my phone and it shows me the exact numbers that match the data from the Google Fit app. At the end of the day, the step count displayed on the watch was much lower than that shown in the two mobile applications. It never synced properly.

On when comparing activity tracking features Apple Watch Series 5, I consider the OnePlus step to be obsolete to a significant degree. On a longer walk with each wrist and a phone on my wrist, the Apple Watch counted 8,735 steps and my phone’s Google Fit app displayed 9,248, while the OnePlus Watch put me at ৪ 4,340.

My walk also had my problem with self-detection of my gait (it was supposed to automatically detect walks or runs). Initially, it never detected anything. After I switched from a Nokia phone OnePlus 9, It… still could not detect anything. Last weekend it didn’t start the “outdoor walk” activity properly automatically, even though it started more than 15 minutes after I left my house. At least when I stopped to grab a coffee it did the hard work of taking a break.

The same thing happened with the reminders of the movement. The watch reminded me to get up and move around again and again, yet it only started working this past weekend. (And yes, I sit pretty, so do I. Should I have seen the warning before))

Heart rate tracking is usually accurate until no activity is started. The OnePlus Watch has recorded more beat-ups per minute than the regular Apple Watch (and a manual test). It always said that I burned more calories and traveled more and the SPO2 data was always a percentage less than my trusty finger pulse oximeter. I had a hard time relying on this data, given the miscalculation and self-detection issues.

Don’t bother

At the moment you can only manually track 14 activities (and it only detects walking and running), but OnePlus says an over-the-air update in May will provide more than 110 workout types.

It’s good to hear, but considering all the problems I’ve had, you’re better off buying at the same price Fitbit charge 4 Or Garmin Venu Square From reputable brands that pay accurate tracking data year after year. This is most important when it comes to fitness trackers and the OnePlus Watch lags behind.

Over-the-air updates can solve many of these problems. In fact, OnePlus released an update on Monday this week – when I was writing this review, in fact – it added more clock faces and improved auto-detection like notifications disappearing on the phone – I stopped my work and went a long way, No. The automatic detection and notifications I removed on the watch are still on my phone. I’m not optimistic. OnePlus also said that I have fixed other issues that will be fixed in another update coming this month, but only I can test what is in front of me.

Die-hard OnePlus fan? I still say wait for the OnePlus Watch 2 hopefully, it can get my faith back.

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