Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

Jane Foster, in the character of Thor, raises her hammer into the sky with lightning around her.

Pictures: Marvel Comics / Russell Daughterman

Did you know that Marvel has released two movies this weekend? Yes there was Eternal, But there were also movies that we all care about, Thor: Love and Thunder. Directed again by Oscar winning funny people Taika YTT, New film replaces Chris Hemsworth’s musclebound Thunder God Different Musclesnd Thunder God: The Return of Natalie Portman Jane Foster, Aka the new Mighty Thor.

Oh, but it’s not just a buff Natalie Portman that’s the biggest selling point here, folks! Also Tessa Thompson second first Groundbreaking LGBTQ characters in MCU. She Was A little annoyed to share with that honor Eternal Fastos, Brian Tyri Henris Gay Alien Whose inventions helped create the atomic bomb, but it is still good to have a seat at the table. Honestly, it’s amazing to see that this billion dollar franchise, with nearly 30 movies and 12 TV shows, has finally decided that homosexuals can help make a profit. And gay aliens are no less.

With a packed cast that includes Pretty much Something Guardian Galaxy, as Russell Crowe Zeus, And Christian Bell As the new Badi Gar The God Butcher, Love and lightning Both are incredibly busy and still surprisingly private, although it provides an intestinal buster after the latter.. It really survived what Whitty claimed it was. “Crazy shit“He’s never done it. And you can really tell, because Mandatory Law 3 Fight is one of the best things Marvel has ever done, of course it’s not a sign that they need to change their structure!”

Amazing thing about Love and lightning An extended sequence where he sets up a Tinder profile or even Jane Thor’s 10-minute workout montage scandal “Soldier“No, it’s that Marvel didn’t really advertise it. As a sequel Ragnarak, Aka Thor While most people will say that they liked the movie, it is strange that there is not a single trailer or promo yet. Maybe they’re releasing a stealth so the Eternals can get their sea foot as they’re the new franchise. Or maybe like with it Titanfall 2 Where they think the two movies could stand on their own and not cannibalize each other, in this case, they probably forgot how it happened Titanfall 2 In the short term.

Whatever it is, we want to hear your thoughts about the film. Do you love it Do you hate it? What did you think of the three post-credit scenes? Can’t believe it turned out that Corg and Mick were in a polyculum with Beta Ray Bill and Dark! Let us know in the comments below, we’ll let you know our thoughts, but for some silly reason, Marvel won’t allow critics to publish reviews July 8, 2022.

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