Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

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Fig: Waterbox

A few months after Otterbox Echo Dot is a Baby Yoda Facelift Last year, Amazon Reveal a complete redesign Smart speakers, This makes it round to have better speakers inside. So Otterbox is back with another Grugu-themed stand for the fourthGeneration Echo Dot, But this time, The baby doesn’t look so adorable.

Admittedly, Otterbox is the first Baby Yoda Smart Speaker Stand The Force-Driver looks like an alien who was the victim of a vindictive Sith (or inexperienced stubborn) who accidentally lapped the top of his head with a lightsaber, mostly keeping only Grugur’s green dot ears.


Fig: Waterbox

But we’re not sure if the kids are getting better at this time of year, Because when the fourth-Paired with the new stand of the generational Amazon Echo dot Otterbox, Grugu looks less like a child and more like a middle-aged alien who still doesn’t understand how to use force to fight the strongly declining hairline.

If it’s an aesthetic that works for you, the $ 25 smart speaker stands Now available on Amazon To help you be as your fourth celebration of May As happy as possible – just the way the Jedi wanted it.

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