Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

FromMIT Technology ReviewArt team, here are some of our favorite images of the year:

Computers are helping to answer 3 space science questions
Daniel Transmitter
The conceptual image shows the faces of different women being scanned
A terrific new AI app that transforms women’s porn videos with one click
Pedro Nekoi
Fiction: Dark places on the map
Illustrated by Joan Wang
Chicken network
Technology can help feed our world, if we look beyond profit
Pablo Delkan
Portland and Montreal public toilet elos
How to create a freestanding public restroom that is clean and safe
Julian Glander
Ideal collage images of directors and actors from Netflix India television series and movies
Netflix vs Modi and the battle of the soul of Indian cinema

Conceptual illustrations
Deepfeck porn is ruining women’s lives. Now the law may eventually be banned.
Franziska Barakzik

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