Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

January 21, Facebook asked its oversight board to review the decision to ban Donald Trump indefinitely and whether the former president should be allowed to step down again. You see this as the ultimate talk-passing. For three years, Facebook has been setting up a broad framework for a supposedly independent organization to review content-related decisions. And now that the 20-member board has just begun hearing the lawsuits, Facebook has outsourced it by perhaps the company’s most controversial decision. Will Donald Trump return to social media, who have angered him and aggressively insisted that he has won the election? Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Said His shiny new board for calling.

However, the board did not play. While confirming that it was right to suspend Trump’s account for the January riot-coding post on Facebook, Call it the agency today For discovering a fine that was not part of its policy – an “indefinite” suspension. The board told Facebook to take six months and straighten out its own rules, and then Trump would decide for himself.

In a press call following the ruling, Michael McConnell, the board’s co-chairperson and Stanford law professor, made it clear that the board was not interested in granting Facebook bail. “We’re not the police,” he said. “Our only purpose is to hold on Facebook Responsible. “

The practical implications of this ruling mean that Trump will not be back on Facebook for some time. Much of the nation will breathe a sigh of relief, and others will continue to believe that prohibition is part of a liberal conspiracy. But the decision could be the moment to define Facebook in favor of the Portrait Supreme Court.

Facebook’s motivation for setting up the board was to get an outside voice to review the company’s important decisions about the content. In 2018, no one trusted Facebook to make these calls. And with reasonable cause. When it comes to the most controversial situations, the process among top policymakers was heavily influenced by politics and business. The strongest voice in the virtual room about such decisions is Joel Kaplan, Facebook’s vice president of global policy, a former GOP operative, and Best of Brett Cavanho. In the end, the decisions come up to Zuckerberg, who is very aware of how Facebook’s speech decisions as CEO affect his reputation and business prospects.

Zuckerberg actually agreed with critics who said that no one on the platform of three billion people should have the power to make such decisions. He set up the board and funded it for 130 million, which could be applied to a decision-making team on Facebook and Instagram. Prominent statistics Instead of human rights, politics and media. The board members quickly realized that their main challenge would be to prove themselves truly independent from the organization that formed the organization. Its initial conclusions provided clues that the relationship could develop with no adversity. In one case Involving the content that Facebook took, Facebook asked the board to stop the purposeful discussion because it contradicted its original techtown and the matter was simple. The board, however, wanted to consider the issue.

Trump’s decision still represented a clear declaration that the board was not mistaken for Facebook. To determine if Trump should return, the board will likely list a litany of Trump’s bilateral posts to prove the veracity of this decision. But the board’s confirmation of the January 6 post removal on Facebook was quick and anoden. Trump’s representatives submitted a summary of claims that it was “unimaginable” that former presidents’ positions could be seen as incitement to violence, a claim that was rejected by those injured and killed on capital grounds. Nonetheless, the board’s mockery was conducted less in Mar A Lago than in Menlo Park. Hale Thorning-Smith, co-chairperson of the board and former prime minister of Denmark, told the press: “This is more of a decision than Trump, who is more concerned about Facebook and its use. “Facebook has shied away from its responsibilities. They have to follow their own rules. ”

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