‘Overwatch’ is fully supported by NVIDIA’s low-delay reflex technology

After a few weeks of universal testing , Overwatch The latest game to get full support for NVIDIA shorts Reflex will be on PC Go straight On OverwatchRegular server As well as playing today The latest seasonal event.

Reflex is the time between clicking your mouse and watching the corresponding action on your screen to reduce system latency. This works by reducing the number of frames that line up your GPU in certain situations which makes it easier to strain your CPU. NVIDA says the technology could reduce input leg by up to 50 percent to further enhance GPUs with less powerful GPUs than G-Force 30-Series cards.


This content is not available because of your privacy preferences. Update your settings Reducing system latency can be extremely effective Overwatch Given to the players, given how fast the action is. The high input lag can tell the difference between whitening the shot and taking an experimental tracer or echo with a complex problem (taking your target decent enough). NVIDA cannot fix any laggy internet connection or your mechanical skills, or build Overwatch 2 Arrive early, But Reflex will definitely help your games feel more responsive.

If you have a GeForce GTX 900 series or later graphics card and your game-ready driver is up to date, you can enable it and check the reflex Overwatch Video settings after you install the latest patch in the game. Reflex support too Coming Per Rust And Ghostruner In the near future. The technology is already available in Choices Precious And Fortnet.

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