Oxfam suspends DR Congo workers over sexual abuse allegations Democratic Republic of Congo

The British charity says two staff members have been fired as part of an investigation into alleged sexual abuse and rape.

The British aid charity Oxfam says it has suspended two staff members in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as part of an investigation launched last year into allegations of sexual harassment and sexual harassment.

Oxfam, which operates in 67 countries, sent a statement to the AFP news agency saying it had suspended two employees “as part of an ongoing external investigation we established last November”.

It said it was “against allegations of abuse of power, including brutality and sexual misconduct.”

The charity said it had informed the charity commission, a government department that controls the charity.

The Times magazine ran a front-page story on Friday with the headline: “Oxfam shakes up new sexual demands against aid workers”.

It said it saw a letter from the DRC about the situation, signed by current and former Oxfam staff and sent to charity heads in February, claiming “abuse of power” and “threat to their lives” and prosecuting 11 people.

It said whistleblowers have been raising concerns about alleged misconduct in aid missions at the DRC since 2015.

“Strict efforts are being made to complete the investigation impartially, safely and effectively,” Oxfam said in a statement.

Haiti scandal

The anti-poverty charity suffered a major scandal in 2013 after a report in the British daily The Times acknowledged the use of prostitution in Haiti and the way it handled employees in Haiti.

The chief executive resigned after a number of Haitian aid workers, including the then-director, were allowed to resign after the 2010 earthquake.

The scandal sparked widespread revelations about the lack of protection in the international charitable sector.

The charity commission said that in March, Foreign Secretary Dominic RAB took “significant steps” in protection since the 2018 scandal, allowing Oxfam to reapply for state aid funds for the first time in three years. Oxfam receives about মিল 30 million (41 41 million) in state aid each year.

The latest scandal has shown that “existing protection and oversight mechanisms simply do not work,” the woman, Sarah Champion, president of the Commons International Development Committee, told the Times.

Oxfam announced in 2020 that the coronavirus epidemic had cut off 18 offices and cut about 1,500 jobs.

Oxfam’s work at the DRC includes providing clean water and education to prevent Ebola transmission, according to its website.

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