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Medieval Iron Man of the Beast Kingdom, SH Figuarts Godzilla Singular Point Jet Jaguar of Bandai and Hot Toys Clone Wars Jesse.

Pictures: Beast Kingdom, Bandai and Hot Toy

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9’s regular round-up latest toy news. This week: Disney enters Festival season With an antlered astromech, Iron Man goes Medieval times On us, and on your friend and me, Jet Jaguar, Is here to save the day. Look at this!

Avery Ginger Toy of the Week Shut Up, Jet Jaguar is the image for the title here

Pictures: Disney

Disney Star Wars Droid Factory Holiday Figure R5-D33R

To help ring on the holidays, Every year Disney churns Elves to make toys Decorate another festival Star wars droidAFor 2021 it will have a gold and red work, a set of removable horns and a suitable R5-D33R Title. “Optimized to work in sub-zero environment,“The Astromac Droid is probably best for navigating home chimneys where there are good boys and girls, although ridiculously it can be a tough holiday gift to track as অঙ্ক 13. Already sold At Disney’s online store.

Avery Ginger Toy of the Week Shut Up, Jet Jaguar is the image for the title here

Pictures: Bandai

SH Figures Godzilla: Single point Monsterarts jet jaguar

One of the best things about Godzilla: Single point It was one of the best things about Godzilla in general, the wonderful robot hero Jet Jaguar. And now, one of the best things about the show’s merchandise is that it is doing its best for a Monsterarts version of Bandai Single pointIts jet jaguar! Based on the season one finale scaled to go with Ultima Godzilla on the line, Jet Jaguar arrives to jump into battle with his Anguirus spear and a detached jet (Jaguar) pack shows it flying. Flight mode also includes a separate interchangeable antenna for attaching the head, alternate arms and a small unpainted figurine. Single point Co-protagonist, Eun Arikawa. Jet Jaguar is set to release in April 2022 at around $ 87, but alas, this number is limited to premium bundles in Japan, so you may have trouble securing it once the Japanese pre-order begins Today.[[[[Torque]

Avery Ginger Toy of the Week Shut Up, Jet Jaguar is the image for the title here

Pictures: Beast Kingdom

Beast Kingdom Marvel Comics Medieval Night Iron Man

What if Some alternative timelines, Tony Stark lived in medieval times many centuries ago and Instead of high-tech missiles and bombs, the Stark family made a fortune building catapults and trebuchets? This will help explain Beast Kingdom’s Dynamic 8th Heroes Ninth-Scale Medieval Knight Iron Man Figure. The 8-inch tall figure has 19-point articulation and is available in two flavors: a regular version of the $ 144 that includes interchangeable arms, alternate face sculptures, a spear, sword, sheath, shield, shotgun and LED-powered bright chest. Effect As well as a $ 170 deluxe version that adds a full Stumpunk-looking jet pack accessory with smoke effects. Could an arc reactor have existed at the time of King Arthur? One thing is for sure, finding the Holy Grail will really help Stark’s chances with Thanos.

Avery Ginger Toy of the Week Shut Up, Jet Jaguar is the image for the title here

Pictures: Firebox

Super Mario Bros. Create a level light

If you find a list of laundry options Super Mario Creator Games are irresistible, Firebox has an easy way to create your own two-dimensional side-scrolling game levels: a collection of 16 two-way stackable building blocks Basic level elements, featuring characters and Mario either stand or mid-jump. All blocks also self-illuminate, making it easy to justify this $ 55 set as a functional desk lamp or night light যদিও although the latter option can be risky if you’re someone who constantly throws and turns at night because it greatly increases. The risk of sinking the glowing layer combined with your care.

Avery Ginger Toy of the Week Shut Up, Jet Jaguar is the image for the title here

Pictures: Hot toys

Hot toys Star Wars Clone Wars Captain Vaughn and Clone Commando Jesse

The last episode of Hot Toys continues to mine Clone Wars For all its value – and that Temuera Morrison sculpted it Did. Recent Star wars 1: 6 Team statistics cover Captain Vaughan and ARC Trooper Jesse, two clones attached to the Ahosoka division for the siege of Mandalay … that, you know, was then attempted to assassinate him because of Order 66. Vaughn, painted Comes in 332nd Company Ahosoka-themed colors, with a blaster pistol, rifle, removerAble jet pack, and a hall projector to attach two small holograms to Ahosoka and Rex. Jesse, meanwhile, wearing a commando extra padded armor, brings his dual blaster pistol, a rifle and his own holopojector with attachable holograms of the Darth Vader and a Republic (now Imperial) gunship. In contrast to Von, However, Jesse’s helmet was removedAble to reveal tattoos symbolizing the huge republic on most parts of his face. Both figures are due out by the end of 2022.[[[[Hot toys]

Avery Ginger Toy of the Week Shut Up, Jet Jaguar is the image for the title here

Arcade1Up Terminator 2 Arcade Machine

If you forgot exactly how big Terminator 2: Judgment Day When it hit theaters in 1991, it was a blockbuster A two-player shoot-‘-em-up has created arcade cabinets where even Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert Patrick and Eddie Farlong have been filmed just for the game. The world didn’t end as the movie predicted, but the arcades confirmed it, and now the best way to experience it T2 There is also arcade game Arcade1Up’s scaled entertainment That includes two light gun rebuilds (complete with a force feedback recall) and a WiFi-powered international leaderboard. But at $ 886 it’s definitely one of the most expensive Arcade1Up cabinets ever.

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