Palestinian leader in good health after check-up in Germany | Election news

Mahmoud Abbas will return to the West Bank on Thursday before the first Palestinian election in 15 years.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is in good health and is expected to return to the West Bank on Thursday after completing medical checks abroad less than two months before the Palestinian election.

The news came from the president’s office on Wednesday as the 85-year-old leader Germany is gone Monday for a routine medical examination.

Abbas has been attending public events in recent days and there has been no indication that he is ill. He also received the first shipment of a coronavirus vaccine last month.

But the longtime Palestinian leader is a heavy smoker with a history of heart problems. In 2018, he was also admitted to a hospital with pneumonia, the same year he was treated in the United States during a trip intended to address the UN Security Council.

Election is imminent

Abbas’s medical check-up began weeks before Palestine’s first elections in 15 years. Assembly elections are scheduled for May 22, with the presidential vote set for July 31.

Palestinians have not been able to vote since 2006, when the Hamas group won a landslide victory in parliamentary elections. A year later, Hamas removed Abbas’s Fatah party forces from the Gaza Strip and placed Abbas in control of the West Bank.

Abbas, who was elected president of the Palestinian Authority after his death Yasser Arafat In 2004, he has not yet announced whether he wants to run again.

Hamas representatives have arrived in Ramallah to register their list for the upcoming parliamentary elections [File: Ali Sawafta/Reuters]

His official mandate came into effect in 2009, but he has since passed a decree. He has never chosen a successor, and several senior members of Fatah are thought to be in the running for office.

The secular Fatah party, which controls the West Bank, faces internal challenges from leading opposition parties, including the Freedom List. Nasser al-Qudwa, Nephew of the late Arafat.

Supported by independence Marwan Barghouti, A popular leader who is serving multiple life sentences in Israel for carrying out deadly attacks during the second Palestinian intifada (coup) of 2000-05.

Abbas’s former Gaza security chief, Mohammad DahlanHe is also supporting the list of challenges currently in exile in Abu Dhabi.

Former Prime Minister of Palestine Salam Fayad |A former World Bank official with a track record of fighting corruption is backing his own party.

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