Pam Turner: U.S. Police Rally After Killing Black Woman Black Live Matter News

The family of Turner, a black woman killed by a Texas police officer, joined George Floyd’s family lawyer at a rally calling for justice.

Civil rights lawyer Benjamin Kramp joins Pamela Turner’s family He was killed by a Texas police officer At a rally on Thursday in 2019, on the second anniversary of his death, he demanded a trial for his murder.

Turner, 44, died in the parking lot of his apartment complex in May 2012 after a collision with Bytown police officer Juan Delacruz, who lived in the complex. Delacruz shot Turner after a fight between the two over his Stan gun.

Turner’s family said he was suffering from a mental health crisis at the time of the shooting. In 2005, Turner was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia

“Today we’re announcing, we’re not going to let them disrespect Palm Turner,” Krump said at a rally outside the complex where Trump died.

Delacruz, K. Facing a charge The incident of serious assault by a government employee for Turner’s death is still being investigated by the Beatown Police Department. “Fire Delacruz!” Dozens of people took part in the rally with slogans.

Delacruz is “still completely disrespectful to Palm Turner, employed by the Bytown Police Department,” Krump said.

Delacruz’s lawyer, Greg Cagle, claimed that Delacruz acted in self-defense and in accordance with his training.

Federal lawsuit

Kramp and Turner’s family announced in April that they would file a federal lawsuit against Delacruz, the town of Bytown, and the apartment complex.

This month, a jury found the ex Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) Officer Derek Chauvin was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and murder in the May 25, 2020 death of George Floyd.

Kramp represented Floyd’s family in the civil lawsuit against the MPD, Secure record $ 27m settlement.

Settlement and Conviction Police have assured reformers that change is coming.

Speaking at the rally, Krump said the “black queen” led the movement for justice for Turner.

He was joined by activist Tamika Mallory, his mother Tamika Palmer Brecona Taylor, A black emergency medical worker who was shot five times by officers in Louisville, Kentucky, in March 2020 because they did not carry a nose warrant, and a black lawyer, Monique Presley.

“You know, she’s not the first black woman to die at the hands of the police. We don’t really know how many black women have died at the hands of law enforcement, because they don’t even count, “Presley told the rally.

The staff has already achieved some reforms. After Turner was killed, Bytown formed a civic advisory committee after criticizing several police incidents.

In September, a grand jury indicted a former Bytown police officer, one of whom was charged with kicking, the other recorded a video of him stopping traffic.

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