Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

Panasonic has a history of meeting more perfect viewers Its OLED TV, And this is more true than before 2022. The company has unveiled an LZ2000 line that focuses on certain areas Its rival May ignore. Gamers get special attention with 60Hz, HDMI 2.1 support, automatic detection of NVIDIA GPUs and a game control board overlay to help you adjust common settings like viewing mode and HDR tone mapping. Not only this Gaming-friendly TV Debuting in 2022, but they can be especially effective if you rarely play more than 60Hz or connect to a PC frequently.

There are some extensive audiovisual upgrades. The 4K-capable LZ2000 is now available in 77-inch sizes in addition to the previous 55- and 65-inch variants, and sensors now measure ambient light temperature to create more natural tones. Improved processing also improves “mid-level” brightness for a well-lit living room, and better to identify the type of content, such as sports. Modified Dolby Atoms speakers provide clearer audio, a wider sound stage, and directional sound that can be aimed at specific points or areas. For example, you can watch a movie at night without waking your kids.

Prices will be available closer to the LZ2000 release date sometime in the summer of 2022. The TV won’t make big rivals nervous, but it doesn’t seem to be the goal – Panasonic seems happy to serve the frustrated with mainstream options.

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