Panic in Taiwan as new COVID-19 rules begin Coronavirus Epidemic News

Authorities say there is no need to collect instant noodles or toilet paper because of the immediate purchase after the new COVID-19 restriction.

Taiwanese authorities have called on the public to control the spread of COVID-19 as a new cork in public gatherings and movement to avoid buying things like instant noodles and toilet paper.

Taiwan on Saturday raised its coronavirus alert level in and around the capital Taipei, imposing a two-week ban that would shut down rallies in many places and borders.

The total infection has dropped to less than 1,4755 since the onset of the epidemic, with the latest spike in recent community broadcasts threatening a population that has become accustomed to the lives of a population that has not been seen anywhere else without a complete lockdown.

In messages late Saturday, the president, prime minister and economy minister said on Facebook that people do not need to gather or crowd in stores to stock up on instant noodles and toilet paper.

“After more than a year of preparation, the country has adequate anti-epidemic materials, civilian products and raw materials, and stores are working as usual to reschedule the goods,” said President Tsai Ing-Wen.

French supermarket chain Carrefour said it was limiting the purchase of items such as masks and instant noodles in its Taiwanese stores, telling people to buy only what they needed.

The Ministry of Economy showed pictures of warehouses on the ceiling, including boxes of instant noodles, and said supplies could go “like a mountain” with plenty of toilet paper and coconut food.

Premier Su Tseng-chang made a similar request on his Facebook page. Earlier last year he calmed people down during a previous rush of toilet paper saying there was “just a butt” and should be quiet.

While not giving a total lockdown order, the government is urging people to stay home as much as possible.

The Ministry of Health has released a Shiva Inu called Dong Mask, Jongchai to further reinforce this message through social media.

“Study Jongchai and stay home,” it said, showing a picture of the room lying on the floor.

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