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Star Fans have given all kinds of goodies this week. The site has published a portion of Kavan Scott’s new novel, Star Wars: High Republic: Rising Storm, Next book Star Wars: High Republic Series

Available July 6, 2021, Scott the Dr. Star wars Tell the community what it was like to take Star Wars universe in a new direction. “Writing a Star wars The novel has always been an honor, and it has never been different. This is a responsibility that I never take lightly, especially when starting a new era Star wars Such as telling stories High Republic

Scott is now part of an exclusive group of writers who have written Star wars Charles Soul, Claudia Gray, Justina Ireland and Daniel Jose Older.

Excerpts from Rising Storm Unpack Elzer’s mind Horrible vision of the end of the JD Order. Here is a snippet of text:

The screams never left Elzer’s mind. Many months have passed since the Starlight Bacon dedication ceremony, as he stood by his colleague Jedi. Since he was standing next to Avar Chris. “

The galaxy’s eyes were on them in their temple assemblies, intensifying the itching of the collar as he listened to speeches and insults, first from the leader of the Galactic Republic, Chancellor Lina Soh, and then from Avar.

Its aura. Hetal’s hero.

Akash said Bacon was the promise of their galaxy. It was their deal. He could still hear her.

Whenever you feel lonely. . . Whenever the darkness closes. . . Know that the forces are with you. Know that we are with you. . . For light and life.

For light and life.

But the darkness of that day did not stop. A wave of pain and suffering, the very idea of ​​the future is terrifying to understand. “

He was stunned, caught the train, bleeding from his nose, as the pressure on his head threatened to split his skull in two.

What he saw had frustrated him ever since. It engulfed him.

The Jedi were dying one by one, hovering, lifted with the help of inseparable clouds. Stella Hour. He knew everyone in the past and he would meet everyone in the days to come. Face the shattered face, both familiar and strange

And screaming.

The screaming was the worst.

He made the rest of the evening with a twinkle, went through the motions, not quite present, which was an echo of what he saw. . . What he heard. . . Burns above the eyes of his mind.

Kattadan Ross had several glasses at the reception, Hour asked for that dance, Elzer leaned in with some interest, even a little in public.

He could still feel the hand on her chest, pressing her back.

“L. What are you doing? “

They argued privately, his head still spinning.

“We’re not down anymore.”

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