Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

The picture shows two Paul Station’s latest signature Nike shoe is the PlayStation 5-themed pair of shoes Popped up on Instagram in late March, and tonight the LA Clippers Wing wore a white pair to a game. Nike has announced that This PG5 ‘PlayStation 5’ shoe will be sold at the end of this month with a retail price of 120 per month.

Gallery: Nike PG5 ‘PlayStation 5’ | 5 photos

In the “Select” global regions you will be able to snatch a pair from May 14, when they will be released in North America on May 27. There is no word on how much will be supplied there, although they will sell Nike through Dotcom, The Dotcom SNKRS application And at a few retail locations, keep your eyes peeled if you’re interested, or just check them out for the Nike Store inside NBA 2K21, where players can unlock it from tomorrow.

According to Nike and Sony, Designers from both companies collaborated closely to create these shoes before the console was announced. For example, they relied on SIE Art Director Eugene Morriswar’s “Artistic Vision and Creative Principles” for the PS5 to inspire the shoes, featuring the PlayStation shapes at the top and references to the PS5’s design at the top and outsole.

These shoes are never likely to fall into the status quo of Nike 2006/2009 Patent Leather Air Force 1 collaboration, And some illumination flyers can be seen in these Before that Paul George / PlayStation shoes. Still, they will be much cheaper when launched at $ 120 and will probably be cheaper than the stockX. PlayStation 5 Console, which Currently sold 10 710 or so.

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