Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

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PayPal is reportedly in the final stages of acquiring Pinterest. According to Reuters, The payment company on Wednesday offered ৫ 5 billion to buy the social network. News of a potential sale was first published Bloomberg The day before. The outlet deal is valued at an estimated billion 1 trillion, with PayPal planning to finance it mostly through stocks.

At first glance, PayPal’s interest in Pinterest may sound like a head-horse, but an acquisition could help the company get a foothold in the growing social business space. This is an area where Pinterest has been an active player 2015. Similarly, Pinterest is a safe purchase. This has been avoided by many Problems with incorrect information Which plagued Facebook and Twitter.

It’s worth noting that PayPal has expanded beyond the past and present wheelhouses, spending more than a year and a half. For example, it recently Has cost 2.7 billion Has solidified and penetrated its presence in the post-purchase-now-pay space Cryptocurrency trading In a big way

We contacted Pinterest and PayPal for comments.

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