Paytm, MakeMyArtip, GeoQui and other Indian startups want to create an Indian app store to bypass the Google Play Store

Dozens of top startups in India, one of the world’s largest internet markets, are forming an alliance to fight Google’s decision For this, they have to provide 30% application to the technology giant at the beginning of next year.

On Tuesday, about 600 officials from dozens of Indian companies began preliminary talks, three people familiar with the talks told BuzzFeed News.

Alliance, Which will Local social networks such as payment giant Paytm, online ticketing firm MakeMyTrip and ShareChat among others, including multimillion-dollar companies, want to combat Silicon Valley’s growing influence over the Indian Internet, lobby the Indian government for homegrown startups and set up a set up. Indian App Store as an alternative to Play Store.

Last month, billionaire founder and CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma expressed dissatisfaction with the American company’s access control after more than 350 million people from the Play Store pulled Paytm for India’s most valuable startup, and customers in India said “no foreign company should control the fate of Indian startups. “She is OK Said in an interview.

Sharma did not respond to a request for comment from BuzzFeed News.

The move has shocked Indian startups and Raising questions About how much control Google had over the country’s internet

Around the world, there are developers Pull back Apple and Google have been accused of using their monopoly on the App Store and Google Play Store to collect unreasonable commissions.

Last week, the creators of Epic Games FortnetWhich recently both Apple and Google Kick Payment systems of companies, Spotify, Match Group, who own Tinder and their platforms to bypass others, A nonprofit turned Companies call the Coalition for App Fairness to push for changes to their App Store policies.

According to people familiar with the matter, the Indian alliance still has no name and talks are still in the early stages, but the spirit is the same. “The form and structure of this alliance has not yet been determined,” said Vishal Gondal, founder and chief executive of health and fitness startup GeoQuery, which plans to be part of the alliance. “But obviously Google invited it itself.”

A Google spokesman declined to comment.

In contrast to the United States, where Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS operating systems have almost equal market share, 99% of smartphones sold in India are powered by Android, according to data from market research firm Counterpoint.

“That’s the whole problem,” Gondal said. Unlike Apple, Google offers a variety of ways to download apps that allow someone to run their own app store on Android. But most people use the Google Play Store to download apps because it’s built into their phone

“There’s no way around the Play Store in India,” said Sunil Khanar, CEO of TravelMadley, an Indian dating app that plans to sign up for the alliance. “It’s hard to distribute apps outside of this”

In the last few years, more than 500 million Indians have come online for affordable smartphones and data. The explosion of new users has turned the country into a key growth market for most large Silicon Valley tech companies and has given birth to a strong startup ecosystem. In 2019, technological initiatives in India s Raised .5 14.5 billion, and in just the last six months, Google And Facebook The country has pumped more than বিল 10 billion.

Almost all the internet revolutions in India are powered by Android, which has put Google under official scrutiny. Is under the agency Multiple Running Distrust investigation Indian regulators are concerned that it has used it in prestige competition and in the development of its own products and services.

Although the group has not yet come up with a plan, critics say the only way to make the alternative store a success would be with state support.

“Hypothetically, it will be effective if you pass legislation saying that this Indian app store should be built on all Android phones sold in India,” Aman Nair, policy officer at the Center for Internet and Society, a Bangalore-based technology think tank, told BuzzFeed News.

“But I would hate to see Big Tech’s exclusive replacement with Big State’s exclusive replacement.”

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