Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

The truism of the technology industry is being tested by the longevity of the pandemic. For years, personal computers have been written off as a mature market in terminals decrease. Companies have prioritized smartphone content as cell phones have become indispensable. But the unexpected and sustained shift to telework has caused a revival. Shipments of computers reached 341m in 2021 – a near-decade high.

According to Canalys, a global upgrade in home office equipment caused a 15 percent increase in computer sales in the previous year. Lenovo, HP and Dell dominate. But Apple, which has less than a tenth of the market, experienced the most growth, with sales rising 28 percent last year. In the past financial year, Apple reported that Mac personal computers were the second fastest growing range of products in terms of revenue – contributing to a record quarter for sales.

The computer revival has been good for Microsoft, with Windows-enabled computers showing the demand. Chipmaker AMD, which has gradually increased its stake in the computer chip market, also benefited.

But do not expect the rise to change the priorities of the technology sector. PC sales slowed in the second half of the year. Some of this can be attributed to the global chip shortage and supply chain bottlenecks, which have left suppliers out of stock. Smothered demand could permeate by 2022 as component shortages ease.

But the PC revival is not sustainable, even with expensive hybrid work arrangements. Two years is enough time for domestic workers to make all the changes they need, which means the pandemic-driven boom will stop. Innovations like folding screens are not daring enough to create a new pool of buyers.

Cell phone sales continue to dominate. Canalys reported that in the first quarter of last year alone, smartphone shipments exceeded 2021’s total for computer sales. PCs are not subject to the same wear and tear. Because they last longer, regular repeat purchases will not drive sales. The resurgence of the pandemic era will not last much longer.

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