Peacock is removing racist scenes from classic WWE matches

Disney is not the only media giant it is fighting to fight Behind it is racism in the catalog Now it is running streaming service. Hollywood Reporter Source and PWIsider Say NBCUnurgical Peacock Removing racist scenes from classics WWE match. It’s not clear how much has been edited yet, but the removals include racist language from the 1990 WrestleMania VI event Blackface as well as the 2005 Survival Series 19.

Peacock is reviewing WWE’s entire 17,000-hour content and warning the wrestling giant of any changes reported. These moments appeared on WWE Network versions.

It’s not a completely surprising move when pushing wrestling for years and crossing borders. However, it also highlights the challenges of filling streaming libraries with material left behind decades ago. Services want to draw you with the entire collection, but those companies may be forgotten because of the risk of racist content dredging.

Disney + and HBO Max have restricted children’s access to racist material or taken a relatively lenient approach Claim denied It’s time to leave the videos largely uneducated. At least the peacock seems to be tough enough in response to WWE – it’s removing the pieces rather than making the bad behavior relevant. It is becoming increasingly clear that you will see a variety of attempts to clean up or justify forward-looking videos.

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