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Fitness ambitions go beyond treadmills and stationary bikes. The next product is Platoon Guide, A power-training camera system that attaches to your TV and uses machine learning to understand your movements.

The movement tracker features are compatible with hundreds of peloton power classes. The idea is to encourage users to run all the exercises in the classroom and keep up with the instructors (but this is not a big deal if you can’t keep up with the instructor’s pace). Self-mode will enable users to match their forms with real-time instructors through smart camera technology. You will be able to choose how you will appear on the screen and the goal is to help you adjust during the class.


Body activity functions as a reminder that the muscle groups you have worked on most recently. It will suggest classes that target muscles you have been ignoring lately. Also, the Peloton Guide has a voice activation mode. You can start a class, pause, rewind, and move quickly. The feature will initially be available in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom (the key is, for Peloton bikes only) For on-demand classes).

In terms of privacy, you’ll be able to put the system to sleep, slide a cover over the camera, and turn off the microphone with a physical switch, although the company Said The microphone cannot be turned on or heard unless you are in class. Peloton plans to improve the machine learning model over time by further training on mobility and discipline and increasing the number of classes and training programs. In the meantime, you’ll be able to use your own tools and weights.

A TV showing a selection of Peloton Guide's strength training classes.


The company says that energy is the fastest growing discipline on its platform. The Peloton app offers some energy classes, while informal group and energy-focused tags now boast about 250,000 community members.

The Peloton Guide is the company’s most expensive device ever. It costs $ 495 US / $ 645 CAD / £ 450 / € 495 The system, which comes with a remote and updated Peloton heart rate band, will arrive in the United States and Canada in early 2022. It will hit the United Kingdom, Australia and Germany by the end of next year

The heart rate band, which will be an armband instead of the current chest strap, will be available separately at $ 89 early next year and is compatible with other Peloton products. Peloton says it will shut down existing heart rate monitors in the coming months.

It’s worth noting that, like other Peloton products, you’ll need a subscription to use it. The Piloton Guide membership costs US 13 USD / $ 17 CAD / £ 13 / € 13 per month, and allows five people to work with the system. A membership is included with Peloton’s All-Access subscription (which will already be available to many bike and trade owners).

The Peloton Guide will not be for everyone. Some people will not feel comfortable seeing themselves on the screen because they are working. But for those who do strength training at home and aren’t sure if their form is right, it might fit the bill.

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