Permanent ban on valve anti-cheat no longer applies to valve events

Valve is making a single but significant exception to how fraudulent sanctions will move forward. Forward Of counter-strikes The company has announced an upcoming Regional Major Rankings (RMR) season Marked by This will allow some sporting professionals to participate in valve-approved events if their ban age is older than five years or if they have previously participated in the first-ever tournament.

The studio says that’s how it’s changing this aspect The system works because it has not reviewed its event policy CS: Go Back in 2012, “” Since the game is new and everything, there are no updates to this guide CS: Go The VAC bans were relatively recent, ”the agency wrote in the post. “But VAC’s bans can now be over eight years old. So we decided to update them. “

If you know anything about vac travel, this is the valve Takes them seriously. “VC bans are permanent, non-negotiable and cannot be removed by Steam support,” the company said at the top. System details. It’s a significant change for an engraved company like this, but the thing to note is that no Esports Pro has lost with a VC ban, including access to all of their Steam libraries. A spokesman for the studio said: “We’ve just noticed the changes – nothing is happening right now.” Ars Technica.

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