Pfizer’s FDA requests, vaccine diplomacy, and more coronaviruses

Pfizer does the whole look With FDA approval, the United States waives IP protection for vaccines and the people of India support the fight to get the help they need. Here’s what you need to know:

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Pfizer and Bioentech ask the FDA for full approval of the shot for adults and for emergency use for teens.

This morning, Pfizer and Bioentech Asked the FDA for full approval Americans 16 and older have their Covid-19 vaccine. The company approved the emergency use of the shot in December after having two months of data on safety and effectiveness. Six months of data is required for full approval. The FDA is expected to take a few weeks to review the application. Although the statistics surrounding it and other vaccines can eventually create confusion The numbers tell a story: These shots are very effective, and they will pave the way out of this epidemic.

Separately, the FDA is preparing to approve Pfizer and Bioentech vaccines for adolescent use. Age 12 to 15 In the coming days and the drug manufacturer said it would apply for emergency approval for use by children Ages 2 to 11 In September.

The Beadon administration helps waive IP protection for the Covid-19 vaccine

On Wednesday, the Beadon administration issued a statement saying it would support it Waiver of intellectual property protection Kovid-19 for vaccines to make it easier for countries fighting epidemics and vaccine rollouts to make shots made by other drug manufacturers. So far this proposal has met with mixed reactions Appreciation from WHO And objections from the pharmaceutical industry. The EU has also indicated this May not support What’s more, experts have noted it May be a long time Before it becomes a policy, if it makes it so far.

In the meantime, other efforts at vaccine diplomacy are underway. Moderna and Sweden Donated shots to Kovacs Earlier this week. And the WHO’s okay Granted emergency use The shot in a vaccine from the Chinese pharmaceutical manufacturer Synoform allowed to be included in the Kovacs initiative.

The country continues to break records as emergency supplies to India are delayed

India Broke the world record Yet on Friday, 414,188 new cases are being reported in the last 24 hours. As of last Sunday, nearly 300 tonnes of supplies had arrived at Delhi International Airport alone, prompting countries around the world to step in to help with the massive rise. But most of the aid was stopped at airports upon arrival, and some state officials said it was unclear when and how they would receive their territory. Many necessary supplies.

Although Indian cities have been hit hard, Inadequate public health services in rural areasWhere about 100 percent of the population lives, most parts of the country are at risk. There are many in India without the necessary support from the government Turn on Twitter Asking for help, exaggerating the needs of others and providing assistance where possible.

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