Photo of a volcanic eruption in Fagradalsfzal, Iceland

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The long-dormant volcano Fagradalsafzal erupted on Friday night after a series of earthquakes in Iceland. The volcano is located about 40 miles from the nearest town and the country’s capital, Reykjavik, and caused no casualties or infrastructural damage.

“Currently gas pollution is not expected to cause much inconvenience to the public except near the source of the eruption,” Tweeted The Icelandic Meteorological Office this morning. “Gas emissions will be closely monitored.”

? The Fagradalsafzal volcano, which has just begun to form, is located on the Rekgenes Peninsula in southwestern Iceland. As we mentioned a few days ago, the explosion happened before the earthquake shook.

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The volcanic lava and ash lit up the sky, prompting residents of Iceland to immediately spread the image of the flood on social media.

Wilhelm Gunnerson / Getty Images

The country’s justice minister, Slaug Arna Sigurjardatier, set out to observe the eruption situation and set off for the volcano. Sigurbjörnsdóttir posted photos and A live video The lava from the helicopter is shown below the eruption.

Photo I took a volcanic eruption in Reykjavিজk Iceland tonight. We are closely monitoring the situation and so far it is not considered a threat to the surrounding cities. ??? # Iceland

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There is also the local news outlet Ruve The volcano is a live feed.

Reykjavik residents have posted a surreal photo of a red glimpse into the sky as the fagradalsfzal explodes.

The blast also caused a crowd of visitors to try to witness the scene.

Among them was Icelandic musician Georges, who said on Instagram that the volcano, where he once filmed a music video, was 30 minutes away from his home.

“Yeah SSS !!, Explosion !! We are so excited in Iceland !!! We still got it !!! Feel relieved when nature reveals itself !!!” He posted.

The Icelandic Coast Guard is also monitoring the situation. Posting Videos from photos, and updates.

On Saturday morning, an employee met a dog that joined the spectacle.

Local photographers also rushed to the scene, Sharing Incredible Photos.

One person posted a video of him saying that the first commercial aircraft to explode was a flight “This is the most magical thing I’ve ever experienced in my life,” he said on Instagram.

Fagradalsafzal’s flights have been busy, people have taken the volcano in all its glory as soon as the sun rises.

One person posted a picture of a beautifully burning sky, saying, “What you see here is not a sunset, but a volcanic eruption in Fagradalsafzal.”

According to Weather office“The eruption is small and volcanic activity has decreased somewhat since yesterday evening.”

Officials tweeted, “Lava springs are small and lava flows are currently a very local hazard.”

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