Pintest Courts Creators with new ‘Creator Code’

You don’t think of Pintest as creator-driven as some of its contemporaries, but it’s an image that the company clearly wants to change. This week, the company was launched A buffet New creator-centered Features in moderation space, with great play focus.

Big ticket The item is a new set of post-policy per manufacturer that the company dubs appropriately. “Creator codeThese guidelines to this company are intended to promote “inclusive and compassionate” content while maintaining content that does not violate overall Pinterest policies. Believe it or not, historians at Pintest have had some problems accidentally taking refuge in hateful content. Anti-wax memes Per Photos of child abuse.

“We’ve been building Pinterest for 11 years and since then our users have been regularly telling us that Pinterest is the ‘last positive corner of the Internet’.” Pinterest co-founder Evan Sharp said In a statement. “During that time, we also learned that you need to design positivity in a way that is positively designed to be negative on online platforms.”

For now, only the creator who has access to the new creator code has access The pin of the storyFeature is a feature that helps creators combine images, pages and videos on their Pinterest pages in a unique, scrapbook-esque way. Right now, there is a limit The number of pages with access to these pins and the names with which they have access are limited in most cases. Major manufacturers On the platform.

Whatever the code actually applies, it’s pretty simple: be humble, be truthful, and “do no harm.”

After all, by offering new tools to keep companies as friendly as possible under their content, offering creators can now delete content or feature “positive” contributions, for example. There Also what is going to be a “positive reminder” is the same YouTube roll out A few months ago – reminding commenters to “reconsider potentially offensive comments” before posting.

Pinterest is also providing a great incentive to play great on their platform: a builder fund, Per TechCrunch, Is spending 500 500,000 to improve creators across the U.S.S.Especially those who come from “presented communities”. According to the agency, these funds don’t just go to the side Let them create content, but These run ads on the platform And “creative strategy advice“From the good Pinterest itself.

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