PlayPulse’s smart exercise bike lets you choose between workout class and Netflix

Imagine an attachment Exercise bike It simply does not exist to sell you on a class-based subscription platform. Instead, you can use its 24-inch touchscreen to make your TV and gaming time a little less annoying. The idea behind this Playpulse One, A smart spin bike that lets you watch Netflix or play games, simply follows along with a prep gym instructor.

The most interesting feature is the ability to watch TV on a 24-inch display that is tied to fitness goals while you travel. If you do not continue the motion, the screen will darken until you increase the speed again. Similarly, you can play one of four games on the launch, including tank battles, bumper cars and road races, including pedaling as a key mechanic. More headlines are expected to follow after the launch.


Also, you can set long-term fitness goals, such as Route 66 or the length, or keep track of them in the app by cycling from Paris to London. Of course, there’s also a subscription service -. 19.99 a month after the first six months – it will sell you regular classes, but on Netflix it looks like it’s a very interesting offer

With a more vertical design and a more comfortable seating position, the bike distinguishes itself from the pilots of this world. Instead of hunting from the front, you run it more like a cafe racer, the better you enjoy the content you see. The split handlebars have a thumb stick on the left, four action buttons on the bottom on the right, as well as a hand-held grip-mounted heart-rate sensor.

Today PlayPools is launching its first device that will now be available in pre-order for 1,199 and will reach 1, 99,999 when it reaches the end of the year.

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