Plex’s latest funding will expand its own streaming catalog while supporting others

From its roots a DIY streamer For digital media collectors, Plex Expanded Ad-supported entertainment Strikes by contract deals with Hollywood studios and TV networks. Today, it is announcing a $ 50 million round of funding that could transform it into a one-stop shop for streaming. By 2022, there are plans to keep about 30 percent of the new capital in total to integrate popular streamers and premium videos for rent and purchase into demand titles.

In short, Plex is using its initiative funds to build a home similarly for private curators and general base-observers. The move could help secure Plex’s future during streaming services and when connected TV platforms like Roku and Android TV offer their access in one place – it poses a threat to its rationale. Combining seamless personal and third-party content (including giants like Netflix and Disney +), Plex can move from the solitary survival of the personal media era to its own established streaming player.

A big part of its goal is content discovery. Plex says its goal is to use the viewing activity to offer you TV and movies. The more content it can provide (whether it’s free movies, live TV or rentals), the more service it can provide to meet the needs of its 25 million registered users. It already has 240 entertainment deals in the bag for growing ad-supported services like Lansgate, MGM, AMC and the like. Rough, Among others. However, adding the original streamer can help transform it into a real name.

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