Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

Polyester last year Announcement That’s stunning Advice The idea is that the EV sedan will become a real manufacturing vehicle. Now, the company has unveiled the first official images of the production version and confirmed that it will arrive in 2024 as the Polyester 5, Roadshow Reported.

Contrary to many Auto Show concepts, the new car is strongly in line with the advice on which it is based. These include long wheelbases, “shark” noses, fastback designs and geometric creasing. “It makes me very proud to see how much the design of the concept car is making in the Polyester 5,” Polyester CEO Thomas Ingenlath said in a statement. It will probably use a version of Parent Guardian’s upcoming SPA2 EV platform that is scheduled for Polyester 3 SUV And the next generation Volvo XC90.

With the Polyester 5, the company has almost built its EV lineup which includes the current Polyester 2, The upcoming Polyester 3 SUV and the original Polyester d, That would be a PHEV No more production After 2021. The Polyester 4 also comes as a small crossover-style SUV that could be an analogue of the Volvo C40 Recharge, according to Instructor Report

It will offer a product lineup almost identical to the Tesla, including a sedan, hatchback, crossover and SUV. Given polyester Design chops, And excellent polyester EV driving properties We have seen so far, It should be a strong competitor.

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