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Marilyn Minter's 'Melodious'

Marilyn Minter’s ‘Melodious’ (2020) © Salon 94 / Lehmann Maupin

Marilyn Minter's Penumbra

Marilyn Minter’s ‘Penumbra’ (2020) © Salon 94 / Lehmann Maupin

Lehmann Maupin Gallery has selected Beijing for its next pop-up venue, following similar performances in Aspen, Palm Beach and Taipei. The next location is in the Blanc International Contemporary Art Space, a new temporary gallery hub in the Tianzhu Free Trade Zone, near Beijing Capital International Airport. According to a recent announcement on the Chinese social media platform WeChat, the building will open between January 23 and 23 next year with 14 international and local art galleries. Blanc Art Group is described as an art logistics and service company.

Lehmann Maupin opens with a Marilyn Minter show, followed by an exhibition of the latest levy, Chantal Joffe, who now represents the gallery in Asia (she continues working with Victoria Miro elsewhere). ‘We held the JingArt Scholarship [in Beijing] and did quite well, ”says David Maupin, co-founder of the gallery. He adds: “In this climate, when travel is still limited, it strengthens our confidence in the power of local and local collectors.”

Other galleries in the building will include Lisson Gallery, featuring a solo performance by Bernard Piffaretti; Simon Lee, who will show William Mackinnon, then Mel Bochner; while the gallery of Esther Schipper will present work by Liam Gillick during the three months. Massimo De Carlo, who will feature John Armleder and then Lu Song in the new hub, says plans are for a more permanent foothold in the Chinese capital.

Christopher Myers 'Hiding Under Petticoats'

Christopher Myers’ ‘Hiding Under Petticoats’ (2018) © James Cohan

London’s latest pop-up gallery hubNo. Corkstraat 9, managed by Frieze – opens this week and has appointed Selvi May Akyildiz as director. She will oversee the three galleries in the building, as well as the event program, including the personal talks of Frieze London next week. Akyildiz, 34, previously worked for Create London, a non-profit organization dedicated to public art, where she recently worked for the Hackney Windrush Art Commission. Veronica Ryan, unveiled last week.

Akyildiz also has commercial experience – from Cabinet and Hauser & Wirth. “Galleries are looking for a more flexible format,” she says. The first exhibitors in the space are James Cohan Gallery from New York, Commonwealth and Council of Los Angeles and Proyectos Ultravioleta from Guatemala City. All point to numbers 9 to 23 October.

Jamie Hewlett's 'Lampiao' Print

Jamie Hewlett’s ‘Lampiao’ Print, Available at Laz Emporium

Artists’ goods, ranging from tea towels to upscale furniture, is becoming increasingly popular and Steve Lazarides, who mentioned his name as Banksy’s frankly former agent, is opening his first permanent store on Lexington Street in Soho, London this week. Lazarides says that the idea to open Laz Emporium – already operating online – has been bubbling since he walked away from his own art gallery in 2019, promising to never run one again. ‘I got tired of the art market and all the money, and I did not miss it a bit. But I still love art, and artists want to have fun again. We work just under the gallery radar, ”says Lazarides.

Artifacts and collectibles designed by artists are generally cheaper than their artworks, and work much like the distribution range of fashion brands in fashion. Lazarides underlines that his wares are still of high quality. “I work with real craftsmen, everything is made to order,” he says.

Pillowcases, duvets, beach towels and indeed £ 30 linen towels designed by Jamie Hewlett, co-creator of the band Gorillaz and hip-hop artist Mode 2 are all on offer. There is a wide price range — hand-drawn screenshots of Hewlett cost £ 35, a unique wooden table designed by Lazarides, £ 20,000 — with lots in between. Highlights will be on display at Laz Emporium, which has been plagued by members of DDS Crew London.

Untitled Art Fair

Untitled Art Fair helps emerging galleries with lower fees

Art scholarships can be come back, but some of the pre-pandemic problems persist. Untitled Art Fair, presenting its tenth edition in Miami this year (November 29-December 4), has created a new section for 22 emerging galleries, artist-run spaces and non-profit organizations — and reduced its standing from $ 13,000 to $ 5,000 .

“This is our 10th edition, but we still want to be financially viable for young businesses,” said Jeff Lawson, founder and owner of the scholarship. The sector is called ‘Nest’, to evoke the image of a place where galleries can grow, he adds. Most of the youngsters come from North America, including Calderón Ruiz, a gallery for Latinx artists that recently opened in New York, and the artist-founded Five Car Garage from California.

Lawson confirms that the personal event of the San Francisco Stock Exchange and its virtual reality shows will be discontinued for the time being, focusing on the Miami Stock Exchange. ‘The digital component is still very real. We only take time while people want to see art in person, ”he says.

Ron Mueck's 'pair under an umbrella'

Ron Mueck’s ‘Couple Under a Umbrella’ (2013-15) © A. van Kaam

Ron Mueck’s “Dead Dad” (1996-97), a realistic though a half-size replica of his father lying dead and naked, is one of the nine sculptures in a dedicated exhibition that Thaddaeus RopacLondon Gallery next week (October 13-November 13). Visitors to the 1997 Sensation The exhibition of Charles Saatchi’s collection may be reminiscent of ‘Dead Dad’, says Polly Robinson Gaer, executive director at the gallery: ‘It could now be unveiled to a new generation.’ The work was then bought by the famous Chicago collector, Stefan Edlis, for a price of between $ 1.5 million and $ 2 million, which kept it under a glass of coffee table in his living room for more than 20 years, confirms Gaer.

The collector passed away in 2019, but the work remains in the Stefan T Edlis & H Gael Neeson collection, shared with his widow, and is not for sale. However, other works are in an exhibition that spans “all ages of man,” Gaer says. Prices range from $ 500,000 to $ 1.8 million for the twice-life-old “Couple Under an Umbrella” (2013-15). ‘Mother and Child’ (2003) also appears, as does ‘Man in Blankets’ (2000), which attracted the attention – and interest of a museum – at Art Basel last month.

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