Pope Francis supports civil unions for gay couples

Despite decades of efforts by the Catholic Church, Pope Francis has called for civil unions of gay couples to break the equality of marriage.

“All we have to do is create civil union law. That’s how they’re legally covered, ”Pope Francis said in a new documentary while talking about how LGBTQ people will support it. According to the Catholic News Agency. “I stood up for him.”

The Pope says, “Homosexuals have the right to be part of the family.” They are children of God and have the right to a family. No one should be left out or stingy for doing so. “

Evgeny Afinivsky’s new documentary, Francesco, The premiere of the Rome Film Festival on Wednesday and focused on how the Pope cares and helps disadvantaged communities.

For the first time, Francis has publicly called for legal protection as a pontiff for homosexual relationships.

In 2003, the Vatican Church, led by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who later became Pope Benedict XII, declared that “legal recognition of gay unions or placing their marriages on the same level is not just a matter of modeling it in today’s society.” Approval will also obscure the fundamental values ​​associated with the common heritage of humanity. “

It has been reported in the past that Francis personally supported the civil unions in 2010, when he was archbishop of Buenos Aires and the country was passing the Equality of Marriage Act. They have been controversial.

The pope has never advocated official recognition by the church for same-sex marriage or same-sex relationships.

After Wednesday’s news, Catholic LGBTQ leaders were excited about the news but hesitant.

“If it publicly acknowledges that gay couples deserve – and the church will no longer block the legal recognition of barriers, it is clearly an international game changer,” Marion Dudy-Burke, executive director of DignityUS, told Catholic LGBTQ, BuzzFeed News.

Although Dodd-Burk called the pope’s remarks “extremely significant,” he sought to clarify what the pope meant and wanted more clarity.

“I think it’s provoking a variety of emotions, from the pomp of the Catholic community to skepticism,” he said. “Is this something that is going to be ‘clarified’ by the Vatican in the coming days?”

The Vatican did not respond to a request for comment.

Francis Dibernardo, executive director of the New Way ministry at the Catholic LGBTQ advocacy group, said he “welcomed the pope’s remarks with gratitude”, although he hoped the pope would also recognize those relationships within the church.

“This is a momentous historical moment, when the leader of the Roman Catholic Church, who has long been seen as an oppressor of the LGBTQ people, is moving forward in such a supportive way for lesbian / gay couples and their families,” said Dibernardo.

“It goes without saying that with this statement the Pope has not only protected the LGBTQ couple and family, he can also save the lives of many LGBTQs,” De Bernardo said.

Francesco Savannah made its US premiere at the Film Festival on Sunday.

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