Porsche will provide Android Auto in new cars with 2022 model

Porsche’s smartphone integration has been around for a long time Apple centered If you don’t A classic car upgrade, But that is finally going to change. Automaker is making Android Auto Available For the first time in new cars starting with the 2022 model year 911.

The addition comes as part of an overall technology upgrade that brings a new Porsche Communications (PCM) infotainment based on what you find. Tekane. These include Apple CarPlay (both wired and wireless), Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and a more customizable interface accessible via a 10.9-inch touchscreen. Features like “Hey, Porsche” voice control and navigation plus will be locked behind a subscription, although Porsche offers a three-year trial period that includes three months SiriusXM with 360L.

There are even some Tesla style Advantage. If you buy a 911 with a PDK gearbox (aka dual-clutch automatic), you can use your phone to add an alpaca remote parkassist to pull your sports car out of hard parking. The park comes with active parking support while inside the car, 3D view for trachea parking work, rear cross traffic alerts and lane change assistance.

As you might guess, this won’t be cheap. The 2022 911 lineup starts at 10 101,200 for the base Carrera and it scales up to 21 219,800 for a Turbo S Cabriolet. Depending on the model you buy, you may have to be patient. The GT3 you see here (16 161,100, if you’re curious) doesn’t reach dealers until the fall. It’s been a long time since your coupe just got Android Auto, so if you’re content to use Porsche’s built-in features instead of phone apps, it’s best to scoop up the 2021 model.

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