Pre-cancellation of the pack, the online event is planned for July

Pack East will not go ahead this year, with event organizers, Redpop and Penny Arcade, Announced Monday. Despite that After the normal start date The initial plan to take into account the epidemic was to hold this expo in Boston between 3 and 6 June. Knowing the situation, the organizers did not sell any tickets or display spots.

Redpop and Penny Arcade say they will be “cautiously optimistic” that Pax West and Pax Unplugged will be able to move forward with the plan. The two events are currently scheduled for 3rd September 6th and 10th to 12th December respectively. “We will only move forward with a live pack once we are sure the event will be safe for everyone,” the group said. Hopefully the pack will be able to return to Boston in 2022. Of these, the plan is to contain another Pack online. This year, it will kick off on July 15th and will soon run on the 18th with more details.

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