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Doctors are also beginning to report a specific side effect of covid during pregnancy, which they call Covid placentitis. Placentitis is inflammation of the placenta, usually caused by an infectious agent and is associated with stillbirth. And, more worryingly, cases are not appearing in patients with the most severe presentation of covid – they are appearing in them. Mild to moderate Case

Until July 2021, More than 99 percent Among the pregnant women admitted to the UK hospital, there was no significant vaccination against Covid-19. However, poor vaccine use alone cannot be blamed for spreading misinformation. In fact, some of it can be easily distorted in the public health message. Public health organizations in different parts of the world have repeatedly changed their tactics: at first, pregnant women were not vaccinated. They may then choose to be vaccinated, but this has not been actively recommended to them. It took a full eight months after vaccines first became available to recommend to pregnant women in the United States.

The inconsistency meant that pregnant people were uncertain about who would listen or what the current advice would be. (The term “pregnant person” includes trans and non-binary parents.) “What we didn’t do well was to make sure everyone got a memo every time the message changed,” said Vicky Male, an immunologist studying pregnancy at Imperial College London. . It doesn’t matter if a public health organization updates their guidelines – it won’t help if news of the change doesn’t reach the intended audience.

A survey conducted by Maven Clinic, the company that Shah works for, asked 500 pregnant women in the United States why they had not been vaccinated. More than 60 percent simply I didn’t know Vaccination was recommended during that pregnancy. (Even today, the webpage of the UK’s regulatory body for medicines and healthcare products Public evaluation Pfizer currently warns about the vaccine that “adequate assurances about the safe use of the vaccine in pregnant women cannot be provided at this time” and that women who are breastfeeding should not be vaccinated – both are untrue.

Men point to Canada as a country that has managed it better: the authorities explicitly state any change in policy, she says, and as a result, the percentage of fully vaccinated pregnant women is significantly higher than in the United States and the United Kingdom. In the province of Ontario, for example, About 60 percent Those who were pregnant in September received at least one dose.

When the health authorities were silent, pregnant women were told to go to trusted specialists instead: their midwives, primary care providers and ob-gynecologists. But the messages they received were mixed. In the Maven Clinic survey, one-third of respondents said their medical providers advised against the vaccine. Conducts another survey of pregnant women in the UK Pregnant then drunk, A maternity charity, that has been found More than 40 percent The safety of the vaccine has been questioned by their health professionals.

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