Prince William opens about the death of Prince Philip

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, issued a statement on Monday honoring his life and legacy. Prince Philip died last week, And remember him as a government employee and grandfather.

“The century of my grandfather’s life was defined by service to his country and the Commonwealth, his wife and queen, and our family,” William said in a statement posted on Kensington Palace’s social media account.

“I consider myself fortunate that he set an example not only to guide me, but also to have a lasting presence in my own adult life – both in good times and hard days,” William said.

In the photo that William shared, his grandfather drove to meet Prince George, William’s eldest son, who is third on the throne.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Died Friday at the age of 99. His Funeral Saturday will be held at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

William’s brother Prince Harry will return from the United States for the service, but his pregnant wife, Meghan, of Dassault of Sussex, has advised doctors not to fly.

In the statement, Prince William said he was grateful that his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, had spent so many years getting to know his grandfather.

“I will never accept the special memory that my children will always deprive their grandparents of coming to get in his car and seeing their contagious sensations and even more humorous feelings for them,” William added. “

“My grandfather was an extraordinary man and part of an extraordinary generation,” he said. “Katherine and I will continue to do what she wants and support the Queen in the years to come. I will miss my grandfather, but I know he will want to continue our work.”

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