Project CHIP redevelops smart home devices as a matter of integration

Imagine never having to fight to connect the device to your home again.

Imagine never having to fight to connect the device to your home again.
Screenshot: Business Wire / Connectivity Standards Alliance

Apple, Amazon and Google There’s hardly a reason to work together, but companies are now teaming up for a new smart home standard. SubjectThat will be it Make it easier for you to buy devices that work seamlessly together Don’t worry about it.

Matter branding, from which it originated Formerly known as Project Connected Home Over IP (CHP), Which will help you Are smart devices Matter is compatible with the standard, which already works with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. There will be a brand with these devices soon A symbol that looks like three arrows pointing at each other. Think of Spider-MA meme, but make it home smart.

The introduction of Matter marks the end of the Jigby Alliance. It is now known as Connection Standards Alliance (CSA), Focusing on integrating manufacturers and other companies around the matter. There is already a pressure on existing device manufacturers to disclose the open source code of the matter Github.

Matter uses a combination Ethernet, WiFi, Thread and Bluetooth LE Connect. Its ultimate task is to standardize how gadgets can identify them and what they can do together., You need to stop heavy lifting to set these up. Currently If your network has a dozen devices connected to similar antennas, they may not have the software to sync with each other.

As reported StasionIoT, A video released as part of the rebuild shows multiple devices working together through a feature called multi-admin:

The video’s descriptive feature calls the multi-admin and promises that “users can connect devices locally, securely and simultaneously with multiple applications and multiple ecosystems.” It sounds like users will also be able to control devices on an individual level, which means you won’t need to add all the devices associated with that Nest account to connect the Nest account to an Amazon Echo. Giving your guest access to some home controls can make it easier to install a controller of some kind in a guest bedroom, but not all of them.

Looks like it could be an automated feature that allows you to log in to an app and scan your network, similar to how you log in to a wif.I network.

The first matter-compatible gadgets emblazoned with the new logo should arrive before the end of 2022, with the much-anticipated Phil Phillips Hugh in 2022. Already on board, Offering to release a software update next month to make its huge-sized smart bulbs and lighting compatible. Other early adopters include Google, Comcast, Nanolyaf, Scalage, Samsung SmartThings and Texas Instruments.

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