Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

The United States created a biometric system to register as many Afghans as possible 15 years ago, and it is now a matter of concern that The Taliban Occupied. According to NBC News, Is the proponent of privacy Concerned [PDF] About the possibility of using the Taliban database to identify and target individuals working with US-backed Afghan governments and women’s rights groups. The system’s database, which the United States shares with the Afghan government, is known to have collected millions of fingerprints, iris scans and facial images over the years.

Although the exact number of people in the database is unclear, an Air Force doctor who spoke to the publication said he was instructed to scan the iris, take fingerprints and take pictures of the faces of every Afghan who came through the hospital door while on duty. . Other military officers had the same thing. The goal was an extensive database of fingerprints that authorities could search if a bomb was found.

It said that since the U.S. military scanned anyone and everyone, a veterinarian who helped Afghans collect biometrics said it could be difficult to use the database to find specific individuals at the target. Having someone in the database does not mean that they have worked with the US government or women’s rights organizations. Defense Department spokesman Eric Pahon also denied that Afghans’ biometric data was at risk. He said NBC News “The United States has taken prudent steps to ensure that sensitive information does not fall into the hands of the Taliban. There is no risk of this information being misused.”

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