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Patrick Stewart's Jean-Luc Picard smiles as he reunites with Guinness in a scene from Star Trek: Season 2.

Good job Jean-Luc’s Temporal Rollodex is quite full at the moment.
Screenshot: Paramount +

Gene-Luke’s next trip Going to throw him everywhere Star TrekIts a reality and a timeline, so it’s probably best that he knows some people who can help puzzle those things. The problem is: he knows a few enemies who can do it too.

Has released a brand new trailer for Paramount + PicardIts second season, giving us a glimpse of the shenanigan types ৷ Patrick Stewart’s Starfleet hero So far he is back in the good books of the Federation The end of the first season. The answer, however, is “getting drunk by his strongest enemies,” unfortunately for Picard.

There are questions, Returning John de Lancey, Who seems to be pickered and stabbed MermaidIts crew is in an alternative reality where the federation is not entirely the Terran Empire, but still quite bad. There Also Queen of Borg (now Starring Annie Werching), Who is back and apparently doing dirty work collectively again for unknown reasons over time, is back in 2024 with former Lokutas and friends. 2024 is a really important point Trek Timeline, first properly explored Deep Space Nine Episode “Past tense” is part one And two, The height of political and social unrest in the United States and other countries around the world that led to the infamous Bell riots, a protest and crackdown was so violent that it fundamentally shook Star TrekAmerica is on the path to social and political reform এবং and a temporary change is so important that the federation would not exist without their presence.

So yes, Picard got a lot on his plate. Well then, that’s not the only opposition familiar face in this trailer যদিও even though we knew it was coming Several times, We now have our first look back as Hopi Goldberg EnterpriseIts former mysterious bartender, Ginan, Jean-Luc naturally returns to her for help with all sorts of strange things. It’s nice that no matter where Guinan goes, Starside or Earthbound, he’s always run at least once or twice যদিও although his new digs aren’t as high as ten forwards, to say the least.

Star Trek: Picard Season 2 hits Paramount + March 3 and will air internationally on Prime Video from March 4.

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