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Snapdragon is now a standalone brand.
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Every year, Qualcomm unveils the new, faster smartphone processor used in the latest Android phones. This year is no different Qualcomm is changing things. While we don’t know all the details about the company’s latest Snapdragon CPU, we do know that it will have a new name: the Snapdragon 8-Series.

Qualcomm Hall Not mentioning anymore Like the chips inside a smartphone Samsung Galaxy S21 And OnePlus 9 Pro By three numbers (for example, Snapdragon 888). Instead, Qualcomm will use a A single number to distinguish between processor generations, the way Intel classifies its chips.

According to a Official press release (tHere is a video!), Qualcomm plans to start with the Snapdragon 8-Series platform and “convert to a number series and generation number”. It also distinguishes between Qualcomm and Snapdragon brands The latter will be a standalone product and you will no longer see the Qualcomm name in logos or graphics.

It is also doing extra pruning in other parts. Qualcomm will use a gold color palette in its packaging to indicate its highest performing products. It also removes 5G branding, adding that going forward, “5G will be offered.”

For the uninitiated, Qualcomm’s three-digit name was a way to identify the chip On a mobile device. In Snapdragon 888, for example, tIts first number is usually related to the “level” of the chip, such as whether it is flagship or mid-range. For example, the Snapdragon 800 refers to the family of chips for use on high-end devices, and the second to lowest number, the Snapdragon 400, is specified at the entry-level. Hardware

The second and third digits usually indicate which generation the chip is in and the release cycle – the longer the last two digits, the more recent the release. But Qualcomm’s numbers are nearing the end of the line, so dropping to one digit effectively counts. From the start, the brand has been giving more runways to increase the number of editions.

Qualcomm has completed a Similar Rebranding Before, but this time it Sounds like Just a number left over. This is an opportunity for the brand to relaunch because as it becomes more competitive, companies like Google are moving away from Snapdragon to develop custom silicone.

Manufacturers such as Samsung have long made their own chips for their devices (although Samsung uses Qualcomm for phones sold in the United States).. But Mood changed Once Google Announcement It will customize its own SoC to take the AI ​​forward in the phone’s pixel lineup. And it was only in the Android sphere. Apple has long made its own chips for the iPhone, but when the company began making custom silicone for the Mac, Other brands seemed to need bat signals in search of more control over their product lineup.

Qualcomm will offer more details about its new chipset At the Snapdragon Summit in late November.

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