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Scott Bakula on Quantum Lip.

Quantum Leap could go back to TV.
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Its fate Time-Traveling Doctor Dr. Sam Beckett May eventually be revealed. NBC has ordered a pilot for a new version Quantum Leap That will last 30 years After the end of the original TV show. It will follow a new team that has come together to bring back the Quantum Leap project and hopefully bring it out. What happened to Sam so many years ago.

Diversity The news of the event, which is being written Pitch Executive producers Steven Lillian and Brian Winbrand. Original series creator Donald P. Belisario Also a producer. There is no word on the return of the original star Scott Bakula, But From the description, it seems that if he appears, it will be in a helpful or even a cameo role.

Originally running for five seasons between 1989 and 1993, Quantum Leap Tells the story of Sam Beckett (Bakula) Who will jump into other people’s bodies over time to correct the mistakes of history. Along the way he was led by his best friend Al, Game by late Dean Stockwell, Who appeared to him as a hologram. The series ended with the claim that Sam would be stuck doing it forever, which still saddens fans today.

In recent years though, a return Quantum Leap It seemed inevitable. Belisario also revealed He wrote a film Based on the show, a More Positive alternative termination has been published, And Bakula He told himself that he could return to the show. Okay, and now it matters if NBC executives like the pilot and give it a few more episodes.

When it is released, Quantum Leap It was ahead of its time in terms of mystery and world building, as well as being light and accessible to viewers who were probably not like the sci-fi staff. You have to assume that after 30 years it has gone up in the air though, the rise of sci-fi at the tip-The top show of pop culture can be as successful as once. Or an impossible nut crack.

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